Photography Industry

Photography today has changed in comparison to decades ago. Photographers are taking their talents and visions to all new levels while focusing in on targeted audiences and industries.

Many photographers unknowingly jump-start their careers from the first click of the button on their camera.

Breaking it Down – Photographic Specialities


Do you love photography and want to pursue a career in it? Let’s unpack what you can do with a camera!



In our society, we use images to communicate. Back in the ancient times, man drew pictures on cave walls and rocks to communicate. Photojournalism adopts this principle using photos to tell a story or send a message to its audience.



This subgenre of Photojournalism is viewed as bloodsuckers trying to get the million dollar photo of a celebrity or prominent person. These pseudo-photojournalists generally take photos without permission and exploit them for money. Princess Diana fell victim to their hellish pursuit when the car she was riding in crashed and killed her.

Sports Photographers:

These men and women capture the explosive moments in the many sports we enjoy today. The images puts a name with the face giving us a little glimpse into our favorite sports figure’s life.


National Geographic:

This is the creme de la creme of photojournalism, and only the elite makes it as a photographer for this prestigious organization.


Photographers go on assignment whether it be in the deserts of the Middle East or the Amazon Rainforest. Traveling the world over, their heavy camera gear is toted through airports, on buses, cramped taxis and sometimes on foot. A Nat Geo photographer has the opportunity to experience various cultures, some welcoming and some dangerous.


Their subjects may be exotic animals or the hot zone of a war infested area. They know the exact place and moment in time to take the photo. This is what sets the big dogs apart from the little ones!

News Publication (newspaper, news media):

A news photojournalist is exposed to dangerous situations when trying to catch the perfect photo for newspaper publications worldwide.


Our society thrives on negative news thus causing the demand for photojournalists to pursue and produce images that tell about the bad things in our world.


War-torn countries most always have photojournalists embedded to travel right alongside the soldiers in battle. These photographers also conduct interviews with criminals telling their side of the story. These intense moments raise the hairs right up on the necks of the brave photographers.


Artistic Photography


Photography as an art form falls into subgenres according to the industry of work. Below are just a few.



These photographers are the people behind the images in that enhance promotional or marketing text such as brochures, catalogs, flyers, restaurant menus, etc. The marrying of the image and the text produces a polished product that gives us precise information on a subject or area.



When thumbing through a magazine or publication and an image of a juicy hamburger pops right out, the photographer has captured your attention with the picture he took. Food photographers bring an

inanimate food to life in a photo!


This is considered to be a precise art form requiring photographers to have an eye to see what we don’t see in a subject. Fashion images appear in popular publications such as Vogue magazine, Bride magazine, etc. Both model and couture are captured in a way that makes the overall image a beautiful piece of art!


Freelance Photography

Being your own boss is a trending concept for photographers. Many Event Photographers fall under this subgenre or specialty. There is no structured environment and assignments accepted are solely at the discretion of the freelancer.



This is the largest genre of photographers. Capturing a moment in life or a beautiful scene is what fuels the hobbyist.

For some, having a photograph of a loved one that is gone provides a memory with a piece of time that we can remember and relive.

Photography has come a long way and with new innovations, it will continue to evolve.