Photography – The Living Art Form

The camera lens captures a unique interpretation of beauty to which the naked eye cannot see.

Art Form or Not?


Many will question whether photography is, in fact, an art form or not. Objectively, a photograph can be interpreted in several ways. The skill in this art form requires the ability to translate what the lens of the camera sees. A skilled photographer can produce a piece that provokes us to feel an emotion, whether good or bad while gazing at the photograph. This is of itself is an art form.


The Photographer has his own unique art style which can be compared to a Painter. Instead of a brush, the photographer uses a camera and his canvas can be likened to the actual finished photograph.


The Skills of a Photographer


Photography requires both technical and artistic skills. The ability to capture what the mind envisions is what sets an amateur photographer apart from a master photographer!


Technical Skills


  • Exposure: This is the basic elemental foundation of photography and refers to the brightness or darkness of a photo.
  • Aperture: The setting on the lens that controls the amount of light the enters the camera.
  • Speed: This setting controls the rate at which the lens opens and closes to allow light to enter.
  • Lighting: Having the right amount of illumination on your subject is crucial. Sometimes it may involve being the in the right place at the right time to capture a sunrise or sunset.
  • Depth of Field: The setting a photographer uses to sharpen objects within a field.
  • Perspective: Photographers get creative with this technique where the space between objects in the field of vision is used to create depth.
  • Overall Composition: This is the photographer’s “stage” so to speak where the subject is centered, and details addressed to ensure that everything as a “whole” is cohesive. At this point of photography, the photographer utilizes his artistic skills to produce the composition he envisions.
  • Method of Processing: Photographers process the negatives into a photo using either digital software or the old-fashioned darkroom method.

Artistic Skills


A skilled photographer takes the mundane things we see in our everyday life and gives life to it through a photograph. It is not uncommon for a photographer to carry his camera everywhere in the event the opportunity arises to produce a creative masterpiece.

When taking a photograph, the overall picture is taken into consideration. Perhaps a photo of a beautiful bride in the forefront captures the innocent nature of a child in the background playing with the bride’s train.


The art of photography lies within the eyes and mind of the photographer.


So…do we consider photography a true art medium?


A photograph captures time with the moment something occurs. Life is current and active in a photo. However, a canvas can only capture a rendering of what the painter’s mind holds and is passive.


Both are valid art forms and is appreciated and valued with equal love and attention throughout the world.